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A Tennis Program For All Levels

World Class Tennis & Fitness Training for all Ages and Ability Levels. 

"Through Dan’s Kinetic Learning Process, I learned more from him in ten minutes than I learned in my entire life of tennis lessons & summer camps."

- Audra, Former NCAA Division I Scholarship Tennis Player


"Coach Dan (really) pushes you to

excel in tennis."

     - Entry-level USTA Pro Circuit player


Participate in our programs and play better tennis, today !




Cost:  $ 125 / 1 hour





​Video Review

Cost: $75 / Fifteen Minutes

What Students are saying...

State of the art!

" I have taken private lessons, semi-private lessons and clinics with Dan. He is unequivocally a professional and it shows in his very systematic approach to instruction -- from the effective warm up exercises to the well-run clinics. He still plays in tournaments, which is great because his passion for the game really shows and it means the techniques he is teaching are probably state of the art! " -- Stacie

Best drills I've seen

" Dan's clinics incorporate fitness and a proper warmup. His drills are some of the best drills I've seen, and Dan gives the right amount of feedback (not too much, not too little, always specific). Live ball action is the best way to finish each clinic, by taking what we've practiced in drills and bringing it into our match play. I appreciate Dan's efforts and thoughtfulness in putting together excellent clinics. He is skilled at grouping players of similar ability together in a way that works so that all players can execute the drills and all can benefit from the match play."  -- Christina

Dan is very professional

“My sons (10 yrs & 12 yrs) take tennis lessons from Dan and are receiving quality training from him. Dan is very professional and does a great job giving them detailed technical guidance and encouragement. He definitely knows his stuff! He's also been extremely flexible to work with when classes need to be rescheduled. I highly recommend Dan for tennis lessons.” -- Christine

Been helped tremendously

“I have been taking lessons from Dan for the last year and have been helped tremendously by his lessons. He helped my service motion by noticing a little hitch in my motion. A simple correction and my serve has become more reliable and even a weapon for me. My footwork, which is so important in tennis, dan has helped me refine my foot work so I'm in better position when hitting my ground strokes.  My back hand, which has always been my weakness, has been helped as well although I have a little ways to go before I can call that a weapon. 

I'm very pleased by how my game is evolving and I have Dan to thank for that. If you are looking for a tennis instructor, I highly recommend Dan.” -- George

Improved my game significantly

“He has coached me for 9 months now and I've improved my game significantly.  He is professional, always on time and a gentleman.” -- Jim

Outstanding tennis coach

“First, he is an outstanding tennis coach.  This includes for kids and adults, as well as recreational players and competitive players.  I have been impressed with his ability to combine basic tennis fundamentals, conditioning/drills, and competitive strategy.  In short, he is an experienced and competent coach in all aspects of tennis, while making it an enjoyable experience.


Second, I have been surprised at his level of professionalism.  He always arrives at our lessons well ahead of time and has all equipment on the court and set up before the lesson is scheduled to begin.  He always has a game plan for the lesson that incorporates my own specific interests as well as wide variety of new drills that he believes will benefit me.  He also runs his coaching business very professionally and has always acted professionally in all of our interactions.  I fully expect that his professionalism will translate to other aspects of his life.” -- Matt

​Could not recommend him more highly

"I have taken multiple private lessons with Dan. He is technically very strong, and has been able to precisely point out areas of my game that needed change, which has enabled me to take my game to the next level. Dan is also incredibly passionate about the game, and overall great to be around. I could not recommend him more highly." -- Olivier


Former top-ranked Northern California junior, Cal PAC-10 scholarship tennis player, ATP ranked singles & doubles and USTA 5.5 tennis player & USPTA certified professional with 25 years of playing and fifteen years of coaching experience offering tennis Lessons to adults and kids of all ability levels.

"Dreams are easily realized when you work toward them everyday."

Whether you are a beginning or advanced player, warm up, improve your agility, coordination and fitness and hit your first ball like a Touring Pro.

Learn best of breed Technique on all the main shots and how to move, position and hit using proper stances ‘like the players on television.’

Continue to improve multiple levels with Detailed Instruction on how to perform world class Drills & Training methodologies.

All Lessons are offered with Video Review / Analysis at Alta Plaza, San Francisco on Weekdays and the new, MLK Tennis Courts, Sausalito on Weekends ...

Discounts for Kids and Package Discounts Available.

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