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Elite Junior Player Development, Performance Clinics. 


After School Training 3:30 - 5pm, Mon - Fri. 

* $1,000/Clinics 2x Week/12 Weeks

* $55 / Clinic: Drop-in, Ongoing

* Shuttle Service provided at additional cost ($20). 


Program goal is to develop multiple players at the top USTA NorCal and USTA National Levels, preparing them for NCAA Division I Collegiate Tennis and expand with the standard program - developing a few players to successfully compete in the USTA Pro Circuit, a plus.


Performance Clinic Format:

1. Progressive warm-up (return of serve footwork, fast-feet, rope, sprints)
2. Mini-tennis (focus on movement, shot selection, consistency & touch)
3. Cross-court/Up-the-line warm-up (focus on stroke production, driving the ball)
4. Technical instruction (stroke adjustments)
5. Advanced, dead-ball drills (hitting patterns, pro feeds)
6. Live-ball drills (Pro drill, hit to one side & move, 2x cross-court/1x up-the-line)
7. Serving (slice, topspin, kick/twist, pronated flat-serve, accuracy and 1st v 2nd serve)
8. Match-play (baseline games, singles and doubles tactics & strategy)
9. Elite fitness (foot-speed, quickness, agility, power, core, shoulders, forearm and gripstrength)


The emphasis is on technical stroke production, movement / positioning and offensive tennis.

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