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2020 Performance Tennis Summer Camps

Updated for COVID-19 / Covid 19 protocols will be in place. 

Sign Up today for our three week Summer Camp Session, 

in compliance with protocols:


Dates: July 27 - Aug 14, 2020

Days:  Mon - Fri,


           Session 1:  9a - 12p

           Session 2:  1230p - 330p

What:  Three week player development focused, summer tennis camps that begin with our core competence, teaching kids how to move, position and hit 'like the players on tv'.  

Up to five players per court, emphasizing fun, elite athletic skill development and personal growth.

Where:  Marinship Park, Sausalito

Ages:  Starters 5 - 7, Competitive 8 - 11, Elite 12 - 15

Cost:  $895 / Player


Program includes:

  • Our Technical Warm Up

  • Groundstroke Instruction

  • Court Movement, Positioning & Balance

  • Serve & Volley Instruction

  • Ancillary Shots

  • Match Play

  • ​Super Fun Games

Pack healthy snacks (fruits and veggies, protein, whole grains) as staying energized is paramount to sustaining the kids' performance level.

Cancellation Policy: $100

Summer Camps Registration

Please read, sign, and return the following forms (digital copies preferred)

Release of Liability - Assumption of Risk

Transport and Medical Emergency Authorization

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